PI Energy has developed a next-generation PV technology that captures light as a wave in metals, and also leverages the particle nature of light to generate electrical current.

PI Energy’s innovation in sub-micron scale structured materials allows for new ways to convert light using very thin layered surfaces of common and inexpensive materials. A key functionality of PI Energy’s technology platform is plasmonic absorption of broad spectrum light in less than 100 nm of material and converting the absorbed energy into electrical energy.

Using ultra-thin plasmonic absorbers to convert light into electrical energy, the technology platform works in low and intense light conditions across a broad spectrum, and has the potential to produce electricity at less than the cost of fossil fuels.  PI Energy plans to manufacture its novel solar thin film using inexpensive roll-to-roll equipment.

PI Energy has also developed and implemented a broad set of testing, analysis and database management tools and capabilities for rapidly designing, building, and testing prototype nanostructured devices. The company has multiple patents pending on its nano-photonic technology platform and plans to broadly commercialize the technology platform across multiple markets.

Advantages Over Traditional PV

Made from earth-abundant materials


Low capital equipment cost


Low manufacturing cost


Flexible and light-weight