Sunlight is the most plentiful source of renewable energy.  Current photovoltaic technologies today can only harness less than 1% of consumed energy by humans globally.

PI Energy is developing photovoltaic (PV) technology that to open up vast new markets for solar energy, at a low installed cost.  Our Company technology is designed to be installed on almost any surface. 

PI Energy’s innovation uses multiple proven manufacturing process to enable an ultra-thin PV, without the durability and technology challenges facing the currently available thin film solar PV technologies.  The combination of thin film, non-toxic, durable and high performance, will enable new surfaces for solar PV deployment that were not practical for existing commercial solar PV technologies

PI Energy’s next-generation PV technology ultra-thin (less the 2 microns), lightweight, low materials cost, non-toxic, durable, low installed cost and ultra-flexible.

PI Energy plans to manufacture its novel solar nanofilm using inexpensive off-the-shelf roll-to-roll equipment, using earth abundant materials, which results in a highly scalable material.

PI Energy has also developed and implemented a broad set of testing, analysis and database management tools, and capabilities for rapidly designing, building, and testing prototype devices. The Company has patents pending on its technology and plans to broadly commercialize the technology platform across multiple markets.

Advantages Over Traditional PV

Ultra-thin film, lightweight, durable


Wrap around any surface


Low manufacturing and installations costs