“The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone”
—Sheikh Yamani

PI Energy employees include R&D scientists and engineers with expertise in a wide area of fields including materials science, device physics, chemistry, plasmonics, nanotechnology, nano-engineering, testing, and fabrication. The team has veterans in commercial development coming from aerospace, battery development and biotechnology.

The technical advisory board includes university and industry experts with a broad expertise in nanoengineering, plasmonics, device physics, chemistry and a nano fabrication.   The business advisory board includes seasoned C level executives from utilities, solar financing and international finance.

Management Team

Phil Layton, Founding CEO, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Layton has over 25 years in technical development, management and research in early to mid-stage companies.  His expertise includes building technical teams, leading complex, cutting edge technology through development and into commercial products as well as intellectual property development and protection. Prior to forming Pacific Integrated Energy (PI Energy), he was cofounder and CEO of Clear Technologies, an early developer of machine vision based human interface and 15 years in the satellite/aerospace industry. Mr. Layton’s technical expertise includes plasmonics, nanotechnology, radiation effects on semiconductors and satellite systems, solar energy and plasma physics.   He has taken multiple products from early stage development through successful commercialization.  He also served in the US Navy reserve as an engineering duty officer. Layton has a MS Physics and a Juris Doctorate.

Dr. David Keogh, Vice President – Technology Development

Dr. Keogh leads the development of novel materials and devices for next-generation energy conversion technologies, including solar photovoltaic and thermal energy conversion.  With a diverse research background spanning from materials synthesis and characterization to device design and fabrication, Dr. Keogh has extensive experience in driving development of a range of technologies – high-brightness LEDs, solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, and flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage.

Dr. Keogh holds an M.S./Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in Electrical Engineering, with more than 20 peer reviewed publications and 10 patents.

Mike Fennell, Vice President – Engineering

Mr. Fennell has over 25 years’ experience in design and construction of Solar technology development and testing, spacecraft electromechanical assemblies, design of manufacturing techniques for products such as lightweight, high-strength panels made entirely from recycled fibers, development of directional gamma ray detectors, and testing of electronic components for resistance to ionizing radiation.  At PIE Mr. Fennell has developed much of the equipment used to fabricate and test prototype solar cell devices.  Mr. Fennell has  an  MS. Applied Physics.


Mr. Phil Layton, Chairman

Mr. Layton has over 18 years in technical development management and research. As a research physicist his expertise includes nanotechnology, radiation effects on semiconductors and satellite systems, solar energy using nontraditional and traditional methods, plasma physics. His technical work includes nanotechnology; modeling, testing and analysis for radiation effects on integrated circuits, systems and materials in space environments; semiconductor device physics, radiation sensors, DC and pulsed power plasmas, Naval engineering systems. Because of his dual physics and law degree he has worked with start-up companies in both a technical and a legal/business capacity. He was a cofounder and CEO of Clear Technologies, a company that developed intellectual Property (IP) and a working prototype machine vision based virtual keyboard. He was Corporate Attorney, contracts manager, and radiation effects physicist at Space Electronics, now Maxwell technologies. As an intellectual property attorney, his experience also includes developing, implementing and negotiating national and international Intellectual property strategies, protection and joint development agreements. He has been a key player in marketing and developing the commercialization strategy for both space and commercial products. He has also served nine years as a US Navy reserve engineering duty officer with experience managing US Navy projects.

Mr. David Andresen

Based in San Diego, California.  With over 17 years’ experience in corporate finance, David has worked on private investments in public equity (publicly traded companies) and private company transactions, in hedge funds (Summit Global & YAGI) and investment banks (Oracle Capital & Xnergy), with a particular focus in innovative and clean technologies (renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental remediation and energy storage).  He has negotiated and structured dozens of transactions for hedge funds and investment banks, domestically and in cross-border financings (China, Europe and Latin America), many in the area of clean technology.  From 2008 to 2012, David lead a cleantech banking practice in Southern California, and since 2012 has served as a commercialization advisor in emerging markets.  Formerly, David worked in astrophysics (elemental composition of quasar absorbers) and materials science (superconductor precursor alloys) funded by NASA and US DOE.

Mr. Mark Juergensen

Mr. Juergensen has over 20 years of experience in developing, building and managing power generation projects based upon renewable and traditional technologies. His specialties include: power generation, asset management, project finance, venture capital, start-ups, technology commercialization, product development, mergers and acquisitions, cleantech, sustainability, and renewable energy. He directly supported renewable development and/or finance of 710 MW solar PV and CSP projects in the western US resulting in 522 MW of the projects in construction or operations.  He is a clean tech and energy advisor to the National Science Foundation and DOE through LARTA. He founded CleanTech Energy and co-founded Trans Capital Holdings. He previously co-founded PredictPower which was divested in 2006. He is a retired senior naval officer and holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Rodrigo Marquez Pacanins

Rodrigo has 20 years of experience working in the energy industry. Initially he worked in the energy practice of a law firm in Venezuela advising various clients in major oil and gas and infrastructure projects in Venezuela, including ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Statoil. In 2001 he moved to work for Perenco in Paris, first as Group Deputy General Counsel and eventually moved to London in 2006 to become Latin American Regional Manager. Perenco is the largest European privately owned energy company. In his senior management role with Perenco, Rodrigo was responsible for negotiations with governments, commercial partners and contractors as well as company representative in several JVs and other projects in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Previously as Group Deputy General Counsel Rodrigo handled legal work pertaining to all the operating subsidiaries of the Perenco group. In 2011, he founded MQZ Renewables Ltd. to develop wind and solar power projects. MQZ also provides advisory services for energy companies. Rodrigo studied law in Caracas and obtained a master in management in 1994 from CERAM, a leading French Business School. In 2013, Rodrigo completed an MBA program focused on energy matters at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo and IFP Energies Nouvelles in Paris. He is based in London and is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Mr. Lee Krevat

Lee has over three decades of experience in the energy and technology industries. While working at San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E), a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, he founded and served as director of smart grid and led SDG&E’s smart grid and electric vehicle initiatives, evangelizing Grid Modernization and Electric Vehicle grid integration. Lee was twice named one of the top 100 movers and shakers influencing the smart grid market by GreenTech Media and twice recognized as a Top 12 Utility Mover and Shaker and Utility Champion by Intelligent Utility Magazine.

Previously, Lee was director of new ventures for Sempra Renewables. He was responsible for leading the development of distributed energy solutions including solar, load optimization, bio-methane, electric vehicle charging, energy blockchain, and microgrids. Lee successfully closed investments in Sempra’s first distributed energy resources, an exciting distributed solar company, Sol Systems, and as the sole US founding member in the Energy Web Foundation.

Lee is a champion for sustainability on a national level. He serves on the Board of Directors of the GridWise Alliance, where he led the development of the GridWise Alliance Grid Modernization Index (GMI). The GMI has been used since 2013 to evaluate the status of electric grid modernization in the United States, to identify and promote best practices, and to provide insights to state policy makers, regulators, and other stakeholders regarding the progress of their grid modernization.

Lee currently serves as an advisory member on the UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center’s Leadership Council.

Prior to joining the Sempra Energy family of companies, Lee led several software development teams at Tandem Computers, and was a partner at TransPac Software, a startup in Silicon Valley. He received a bachelor’s degree with university honors in applied mathematics/computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Advisory Board

Dr. Scott Cushing

Scott Cushing is an Assistant Professor at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Dr. Cushing has researched the nexus of physics and chemistry for as applied to solar energy for 10+ years. Currently, Dr. Cushing   focuses on developing new ultrafast characterization tools to understand energy, charge, and heat transfer in solar energy devices. His instrumentation work has led to multiple fundamental findings that are driving Pacific Integrated Energy’s technologies. In academia, Dr. Cushing has already garnered multiple awards in his young career, including a DOE EERE Fellowship, top awards from the Electrochemical Society and Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers, the Council of Graduate School’s best thesis award for all of the United States and Canada, and a Goldwater Fellowship.

Dr. Michael J. Sailor

Dr. Sailor is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), with Affiliate appointments in the Department of Bioengineering and in the Department of Nanoengineering. He is on the executive steering committee of the Materials Science Ph.D. program and a member of the Moores Cancer Center at UCSD.  Professor Sailor received a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, CA, 1983), and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from Northwestern University (Chicago, 1988). His Ph.D. thesis work involved the synthesis of organometallic metal clusters, in the laboratory of professor Duward Shriver. He performed post-doctoral studies under Nathan S. Lewis at Stanford and at Caltech (1987-1990). He joined the faculty at the UCSD Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 1990, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1994, and to Full Professor in 1996.  Professor Sailor’s research focuses on the synthesis and study of nanophase materials with unusual optical, magnetic, or electronic properties, with emphasis on silicon-based systems. Current projects are directed at problems in nanoparticle-based diagnosis and treatment of disease, remote sensing of toxins and pollutants, high-throughput screening of biomarkers, point detectors for chemical or biological warfare agents, and microfluidic technologies. He is the author of over 190 research publications and 18 issued patents, in subjects related to nanotechnology, materials chemistry, sensors, and electrochemistry. He has supervised over 120 undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research students.  Professor Sailor is widely regarded as one of the leading global authorities on porous silicon. He invented the porous silicon-based interferometric sensor, which is now sold commercially (Silicon Kinetics, inc.) and has spawned a major worldwide chemical and biological sensor research effort; he developed the multifunctional nanostructured photonic crystal particles now commonly referred to as “Smart Dust” and sold commercally under the tradename “TruTags”; he invented the RIFTS (Reflective Interferometric Fourier Transform Spectroscopy) techninque; and he invented the method to prepare nanoparticles of porous silicon, reporting the first in vivo application of these silicon-based quantum dots in a demonstration of their utility as tumor imaging agents. He has been involved as a scientific advisor or as a founder in the startup of Illumina, inc. (ILMN), Protein Discovery, inc., Spinnaker Biosciences, Vesta Nano Technologies, Silicium Energy, TruTag, and Common Sensor Technologies, inc. He has won two “Best of What’s New” awards from Popular Science magazine.  He serves on the editorial advisory boards of the journals ACS NanoAdvanced Healthcare MaterialsJCS Chemical Communications, and Advanced Materials.  He was elected fellow to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2011.

Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Kruglick

Dr. Kruglick is a principle at Ardent Research, a consultancy that provides MEMS and nanotech design, simulation, and layout capabilities.  Zeke and his professional activities have been featured in a number of publications, including  The Economist, OE Reports, Scientific Computing World, and EE Times. He has dozens of patents issued or pending, has published over 35 technical papers, and has received a number of awards in recognition of his work including a Congressional NASA Space Act Award.   Zeke has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, various universities, and several commercial companies. He has founded or co-founded multiple companies and taken several concepts from idea to profitability.  Zeke has served on the board of directors of multiple public and private companies. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Edward Beardsworth

Dr. Beardsworth is a marketing strategy and business development consultant with over thirty years in the electric utility and energy industry, advising startups, investors and corporate clients. A physicist by training, he comes with interdisciplinary strengths that combine both technical and business planning perspectives.  He is Associate Director at Jane Capital Partners and serves on the Advisory Board for Garage Ventures.  Previously he was Technical Director of The Hub Lab, which provided grants to support revolutionary new energy science.  He also conducted UFTO, a multi-client study on behalf of a select group of energy utilities and vendors, to scout technologies of interest and to facilitate collaborations among utilities, government and private companies.  Ed has also been a strategic advisor to Nth Power and Cleantech Group.  Prior to entering private consulting in 1992, Ed served as Marketing Program Development Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute and before that as Associate Scientist at the Brookhaven National Lab in interdisciplinary studies involving energy systems modeling, technology assessment and analysis of developing country energy needs. He earned a B.A. at Northeastern University and a Ph.D. in Physics from Rutgers University.

Business Advisors

Mr. Charles Bayless

Mr. Bayless is a respected leader in the nation’s utility industry. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Illinova Corp. which he merged with Dynegy Inc in February 2000. From 1991 to 1998, Mr. Bayless served as President and Chief Executive Officer of UniSource Energy and prior to that he was Sr VP and CFO of Public Service Company of New Hampshire.  He is currently a board member of Pike Electric, Essential Power, Recycled Energy Development and the West Virginia American Water Company. Mr. Bayless is a former board member of Dynegy, Edison Electric Institute, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), InSite Services, Thermon Corporation and e3 Greentech.  From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Bayless was President and Provost of the West Virginia University Institute of Technology, a Division of West Virginia University specializing in Engineering. He holds a B.S.E.E. from the West Virginia University Institute of Technology, an M.S.E.E. in Power Engineering and a J.D. from the West Virginia University, and an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Michigan. Michigan.

Mr. Peter Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a co-founder and CEO of LightSource Renewables, LLC. Peter has extensive experience evaluating and investing in clean technology markets.   His investments include: Fallbrook Technologies, Viryd Technologies and Infinity Wind Power Inc. Peter has broad experience in private equity and investment management relating to first and later stage companies and turnaround situations. Prior to founding LightSource Renewables, Peter co-founded Shepherd Ventures. Shepherd invests in emerging growth businesses in the Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors located in Southern California. He specialized in telecommunications infrastructure, software and wireless technologies and applications.  In San Diego, Peter is active in a number of community and business development organizations, including being a Board member of CleanTECH San Diego and Pacific Community Ventures. Peter holds a degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and Canada.

Mr. Gary Hessenauer

Mr. Hessenauer is an investor and advisor to early stage companies.  From 2009 to 2011 he was CEO of AUS, a leading environmental controls company. From 2002 to 2003, Mr. Hessenauer served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Sixth Dimension, an energy technology company that developed solutions for real time monitoring and control of dispersed energy assets.  From 2000 to 2001, he served as Senior Vice President of Sempra Energy Solutions, a retail energy services provider that also provided non-regulated energy marketing and trading services.  Sempra Energy Solutions was a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, a large distributor of natural gas and electricity that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  Prior to that, he served in management positions with a number of public and private companies. These positions included Vice President, Marketing and Sales for the retail energy services subsidiary of Edison International from 1996 to 1997 and Corporate Area General Manager of multiple business unit development operations for the General Electric Company from 1988 to 1994 and Regional Sales Manager for General Electric Company’s Electrical Distribution and Control business unit from 1984 to 1987. Mr. Hessenauer holds a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and completed Stanford University’s executive business program.